St. Denis

"St. Denis is the patron saint of France. He was sent from Italy to Paris in the third century to be bishop, but the Gauls proved to be less than fond of his conversioning, and they beheaded him. Here's where it starts to get awesome. He picked up his head and walked two miles with it, giving sermons the whole way. The Gauls in charge of this operation clearly didn't have a solid zombie contingency plan..."

"He described the effect as being
'as though one is dwelling in some strange region of the universe which neither exists entirely in the slime of the earth nor entirely in the purity of heaven." and he called the light produced by the stained glass in there 'lux nova'- 'new light.' It's true. The light in there is absolutely unreal. Seriously, go on a sunny day. You'll feel as though you've gone stepping into some fairy realm.'"